How Breakthrough Grinder Pump Technology Solves Common Sewage Ejector Issues for New-Construction Plumbing

By Phil Warren, MD, SFA Saniflo Canada, National Sales Manager and Managing Director

Builders understand the critical role of sewage ejector pumps in a home’s plumbing system. These systems move wastewater uphill from fixtures below ground level — sinks, showers, toilets, and laundry rooms — to the main sewer line above. Without an ejector pump, wastewater from basements or lower floors could not drain through gravity alone.

Five Eco-friendly Home Projects for Homeowners

As environmental awareness grows, many of us become increasingly conscious of our impact on the planet and strive to minimize it. Simple actions like recycling plastics, turning off unnecessary lights, and conserving water are important. However, homeowners can also consider sustainable upgrades for their homes, kitchens, and bathrooms. These upgrades benefit the environment and save money in the long run.

Saniflo North America Launches Pre-Assembled Sewage Grinder Pump Complete with Basin for New Installations

Designed for new residential and commercial applications, the innovative Sanipit® 24 GR CB offers a hassle-free, efficient, pre-assembled packaged system.

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (APRIL 9, 2024) — Saniflo North America, a division of the Paris-based Group SFA, the world leader in above-the-floor macerating, grinder, drain pumps, and lift stations, has announced the launch of its Sanipit® 24 GR CB pre-assembled, one horse-power, grinder pump system.

SFA SANIFLO Canada celebrates 35 years of innovation with a still-growing, above-floor plumbing product offering

Established in the late 1980s, the French company’s Canadian profile continues to rise along with the professional plumber’s understanding of the technology and its many applications for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (APRIL 3, 2024) — SFA SANIFLO Canada is spending 2024 marking an important milestone for its brand, as it celebrates its 35th anniversary in Canada and North America. The Canadian company was established by the Paris-based SFA GROUP, which originated macerating plumbing 65 years ago in France and has continued to lead this innovative technology’s commercialization worldwide.

Saniflo Sanicom 1 Meets Demanding Pumping Requirements for Commercial Hydroponics System

Case Study | January 2024
Mechanical plumbing and HVAC contractor Aubin Pelissie installs SFA Saniflo drain pump to meet required vertical evacuation height for Cannara Biotech’s commercial hydroponic system, including the requirement of safely discharging chemically treated water.


FARNHAM, QUEBEC — Hydroponic facilities provide a new market for contractors and manufacturers. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, HVAC and plumbing industry professionals are finding new opportunities, from controlling CO2 content and humidity to water-pumping systems for treating and feeding the plants in these facilities. This was the case for Aubin Pelissier, a mechanical plumbing and HVAC contractor based in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, who completed a project for Cannara Biotech, a medical marijuana factory.

SFA Saniflo Canada names new service area agent in Quebec

SFA Saniflo Canada announces Service Representative Agreement (Area Agent) with Prospect Agent Manufacturier, covering Montreal and Eastern Quebec.

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (MARCH 6, 2024) — SFA Saniflo Canada — a division of Group SFA and a global leader in macerating and grinder pump systems, drain-water and condensing pumps, and heavy-duty lifting stations, including its innovative Sanipit® 24 GR retrofit pump and the complete Sanipit® 24 GR CB kit — has appointed Prospect Agent Manufacturier as its new Service Area Agent representative for the Montreal and Eastern Quebec trade channel. The move reinforces essential support for the trade channel division in this area.

SFA Saniflo Canada appoints Wavedrive Sales as national sales representative for its Sanimarin product line

Wavedrive Sales will focus on expanding the market presence of the Sanimarin line by targeting wholesaler-distributors and independent store owners and dealers in the marine industry across Canada.

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (MARCH 4, 2024) — SFA Saniflo Canada, a division of Group SFA, the world leader in above-the-floor macerating and grinder pump systems, drain-water and condensing pumps, and heavy-duty lifting stations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Wavedrive Sales as its national Marine Sales Representative for its Sanimarin marine and RV range (Sanimarin 4, Sanimarin 31, and the Sanimarin Pump). Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Wavedrive Sales Marine will provide Sanimarin products to wholesalers, independent store owners, and dealers across Canada.

Protecting Plumbing Systems: The Rising Trend of Neutralizing Condensate Waste in Condensing Equipment

By Phil Warren, MD, SFA Saniflo Canada,  National Sales Manager and Managing Director

The popularity of condensing technology in gas-fired water heaters and boilers has increased steadily since their introduction several years ago. Greater energy savings have played an important role, because condensing water heaters and boilers offer significant efficiency gains over non-condensing models.